About Chris

Chris - stephane

Hi. I’m Chris Tarakson.

Remember back to when you were 17? Sadly, I can. I did pretty well at the HSC. Parents were saying “Do Law, son” and “do dentistry”. But no. Like you I was already bitten by the music bug. I did Electrical Engineering … so I could repair my amps. And so here I am 40 years later doing what I still love. And yes, I completed my Electrical Engineering degree from New South Wales University followed by 25 years in the entertainment industry performing around Australia and internationally. I was always tinkering. Always in pursuit of the BEST sound in my amps and guitars. I think I am pretty damn close to having the best sounding amps and guitars in the Universe. Well, to my taste, at least.

I have had the privilege of working on the amps and guitars of many nationally famous musicians, and lounge room famous players, each just as particular about their sound. We are lucky in the country to have many great amp techs and some of the best luthiers in the word. However, there are many fewer techs who are active musicians and who can convert phrases like “give me a little bit of hair when I dig in” or “I want that Vox chime” into bias settings and valve selections.

I have always been a stickler for doing things the right way. I don’t take shortcuts on my own gear, and I don’t do it on your gear.